The online task-ticker

  Get lost?!

You know the problem: a project team with a short time frame is established. The members of the team work in different locations and need a quick overview about the main tasks and responsibilities. Time frame, project environment and technical infrastructure don’t allow expensive trainings or the installation of complex software tools.
Since you already get lost in your email-account, you need a ‘right now’ solution for this task.

The online task-ticker realizes a view to the main points and connects your decentralized project team.

The task-ticker is quick, easy to understand and simple.

Click here for testing the online task-ticker.
(Use the username ‘guest’ or ‘smith’)

Task-ticker features

  • Based on MYSQL and PHP 3
  • Open source which can be modified easily
  • Quick customizing: only change the global variables
  • The task-ticker includes a simple user-management
  • User options for filters, view and sort sequence are stored
  • Number of users, labels of priorities and status can be freely enhanced
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